4pk/ 21″ Donut FlipperDoo Game-Includes Free Shipping!!




4- 21” Donut shape tubes

4-flamingo CUP HOLDERS


1- tube repair sheet

Color: 2 Sets of(Pink & Brown )

Category: Water Games

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About this item:

Skin-friendly, Safe to Use
The exterior is made of smooth PVC material, friendly to the tender skin of kid’s. Comfortable enough for spending lots of time in the water.
Perfect seams, leakproof air valve and great buoyancy ensure security when in use.

Unique Donut Appearance
Vibrantly colored donut float, the bite and sprinkles appeal to kids for more joy. Enhance high visibility in the water, ensure you can keep an eye on their fun at all times. Placing your legs on the bite position makes you more relaxed and comfortable.

• Colorful and Vivid Printing & Unique Bite-mark Design: The soft donut pool float body is topped with delicious chocolate or strawberry jam, and the colorful jelly beans are evenly sprinkled on the top, absorbing and delicious! The special bite-mark design will definitely catch everyone’s attention and the bitten place is convenient to place your legs!
• Multifunction: This doughnut pool floatie can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s a good helper for swimming in winter vacay or summer parties, even for outdoor games, lake trip or family vacations. As a decoration, This donut water floats for kids is suitable for multiple use: donut theme parties (DONUT GROW UP PARTY), birthday party, etc.
• Strong Buoyancy and Elasticity: We thicken and widen this donut pool tubes, which makes it can hold more air. You will be satisfied with the donut inflatable tube’s strong buoyancy. The strong elasticity of this donut swim float also helps it to hold more air. Due to this donut float tube for pool’s strong elasticity and buoyancy, it can protect you from being squeezed and tipping over. When you drift in rivers and lakes, it can also effectively prevent collisions with stones.
• Smooth Inner Ring & Environmental Printing and Safe Materials: DMAR Donut pool ring float uses advanced technology to make glabrous interface, taking care of your skin carefully. This donut float also adopts environmentally friendly ink printing, which is safe and good color retention.
• Worry-free after-sales: Our company stands behind our products. Due to the principle of customer first and safety first, if there is a leakage or damage problem, we support unreasonable return and exchange in 14 days. If you have any problem, we will solve them for you UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED.
• DURABLE MATERIAL: Made from thick PVC material, this swim ring is well resistant to extrusion as well as tear. Make you easily resist the buoyancy in water and just have fun water activities or summer pool parties!
• BRIGHT COLOR: Glossy bright color and donut shape design, not only keep this swim ring easily visible for safer swimming but also add more enjoyment for your water activities.
• REINFORCED VALVE: With built-in valve barrier, it can effectively reduce the probability of air leakage. Safe for water use. Pay attention to inflatable do not charge too full, 90% of inflating is enough.
• EASY CARRY: This inflatable swim ring is lightweight and can be easily stored like a folding umbrella, convenient to carry anywhere.
• UNIVERSAL SIZE: Donut Shape swim rings are suitable for kids, children, teens, adults to have fun water activities. It can be used as a swimming ring as well as a pool float.

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