4pk/19” Original FlipperDoo Games-Includes Free Shipping!!


Each package includes :


4-Flamingo cup holders
4-diving rings

1- tube repair sheet
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Product Details:

These swim rings add fun and color to the kids’ pool time this summer. 19-in. swim rings are loads of fun for splashing about, floating around, or making up pool games. Perfect for the homes, community pool, recreation centers, and water parks. This is not a life saving device.


Assortment Details: 19-in. Splash-N-Swim® Inflatable Swim Rings assorted among blue, green, yellow, and pink.
Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
Material: PET, Polypropylene
Length: 19in.
Width: 19 in.
Height: 3.5 in.
Diameter: 19in.

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