Make Your Pool Time
Fun Time, Play FlipperDoo


Make Your Pool Time
Fun Time, Play FlipperDoo

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It all started when my grandkids would come over to swim in grandma’s pool. The kids were in the pool playing with some of the smaller swim tubes when they thought it might be fun to sit on them and try to balance. Once they got that down they thought it might be fun to try to knock each other over using their feet. I thought to myself this seems like a fun game! We talked about what the rules for the game should be and Flipperdoo was born!

This game has been a part of our family for about 10 years now and for my birthday my oldest granddaughter gifted me with the directions and rules for Flipperdoo written out. I was so touched by the gift because that meant she enjoyed the game and the memories it created. This got me thinking, what if I share this game, that has brought so much laughter and joy to my family’s life, with the world? That’s when I decided to establish the Flipperdoo company to share our fun with all of you! I hope you and your family will enjoy Flipperdoo the same way me and my family do!

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  • 2pk/19” Original FlipperDoo Game-Includes Free Shipping!!

  • 2pk / 21″ Donut FlipperDoo Game- Includes Free Shipping!!

  • 4pk/19” Original FlipperDoo Games-Includes Free Shipping!!

  • 4pk/ 21″ Donut FlipperDoo Game-Includes Free Shipping!!


Our Client Says

FlipperDoo has been such a fun family game tradition. My grandma and I thought of the idea years ago and it is still so much fun now! Everyone can play or watch to join in on the fun. I highly recommend trying out FlipperDoo with your friends and family too!

Victoria Dominguez

Flipperdoo is a fun pool game for people to enjoy. When your bored in the pool now I want to play flipper doo every time we go to the pool . The only thing you have to do is find people who want to play. I think it was an amazing idea.

Brooklyn McHenry Age 11

I love flipperdoo it’s a good game for the pool it’s a good game for flipping my opponents.

Madison McHenry Age-8

Flipperdoo brings back some of my best childhood memories! It was genuinely one of my favorite, if not my favorite, pool game! I have some of my happiest childhood memories playing this game and I think many others will feel this way too. Flipperdoo has brought me so much laughter and fun and I hope it brings it to others as well!

Analise DominguezAge: 17

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